Woe There

The first woe is past; behold, two woes are still coming after these things.

Taken to literal extremes, one would have to say that the pit and the locusts represent a historical scene. However the reader understands that this”woe” referred to, hasn’t necessarily happened but that the writer is using the past tense grammar to usher in the next “woes.”

The questions are; has this happened​, is this happening or will it happen in the future. One thing is for sure, that time is running out. That’s one of the major themes in Revelation–that each day that passes, we’re one day closer to eternity.

It is also the theme in my life today. We leave for our Caribbean mission trip tomorrow. I have to pack my things, mail out my taxes, travel 4 hours to meet with my fellow missionaries in Massachusetts so that we can distribute the weight of the tools and donations equally to keep the astronomical costs of bringing tools​ on an airline down. I thought I would write a bit.

I would like to ask for prayers as we travel to our unspecified location. Safety, health, effectiveness and the like. But mostly that we will be a blessing to them and they be a blessing to you, through us. Many have given money, clothing, tools, etc. Thanks. But prayers are also needed. I can’t write much about the mission trip, but I will try to keep you posted during the trip. If I cannot, I will catch everyone up upon our return, Lord willing.

We received 4″ of snow at our house last night, which helps me to get acclimated to the hot sun of the Caribbean. But when I awoke this morning, the sun was shining brightly and the breeze gave me a beautiful sight. Problem: I was the only one outside that saw it and now, the beautiful snow clinging to the trees is gone, most likely, only to return next year. Most New Englanders are saying good riddance, don’t come back! It’s been a long, cold winter. Let me try to describe that which I saw.

The trees–smothered in a wonderful white shell

Swayed in the bustling breeze as clumps of snow fell

Shiny and shimmering reflecting the rays of sun

I sought another watching–I only one

One lonely observer should see this sight?

Cascading snow reflecting rays of light

Like a thousand precious pearls  descending down

Becoming ten thousand more–striking ground

One to ten as their journey comes to end

Those clinging await, on limbs that suspend

Leaping off limbs, some pearls climb high in air

Swept in wind they ascend where eagles dare

Others keep the more straight trajectory

Pushed thus by the breeze that is westerly

Inevitably though, to earth they must fall

It’s the way it is–gravity and all

For a few short moments the joy was mine

I can’t help but think that this was divine

Blessed by the Lord with the intent to share

To demonstrate–to handle with much care

Words in Revelation–and their intent

Themes continue from the Old Testament

Literal extremism is off base

Military locusts are not the case

The genre is General–context king

Author to audience; what does he bring?

Words written to them, recorded for us

Therefore, reading it this way is a must

Don’t lose your joy or be wearing a frown

Because like you’ve been taught it is going down

Unlike you have been shown some will be here

And some have endured more, so have no fear

Tribulations come–tribulations go

As will the heat of summer–winter’s snow

Jesus is coming let us be aware

He gave us a mission, that is to share

He will shake the earth and darken the sky

We read the bible–no need to ask why

In judgment he sits but also in call

The ones the Father gave him must not fall

So he darkens sky and rattles the ground

In the trials true worshipers are found

It is why we waltz and why we will sing

Jesus is salvation and the great King

He rules throughout all of history well

And about him; to others we will tell

And usher in a thousand years of peace

Where the church reigns and the devil’s schemes cease

Keep reading revelation,  not Left Behind

Because then, I believe, the truth you’ll find

I’ll close this poem with one final thought

Read Revelation new–not what you’ve been taught

Update: we’re all packed up and ready to go. We leave for Miami tomorrow morning with around 500 pounds of goods.

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